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Testing   2005-02-07 18:13:00 <Thad Curtz>
Hi, Leonard. This is just so you can see how it works (and I can see if
it works). You send a message to tescreadings@lists.evergreen.edu and
everybody on the list gets a copy. Right now you and I are the only
members. (Unless I change the settings. we'll be the only ones it will
ever accept outgoing mail from.)

People can subscribe themselves on the web at:


There's a bit about how to unsubscribe yourself which we can change at
the bottom of each message. We can also put in a poetic epigram,
header, slogan, etc. that will appear before or after each
announcement, if you'd like.

For right now, if you're willing, I'd suggest passing a piece of paper
around at your readings and collecting email addresses from anybody
who'd like to get future announcements. Send them to me in campus mail,
and I'll add them to the list. (Right now, only about 20% of the
Evergreen students ever initialize their Evergreen email, so sending
announcements to tesccrier doesn't reach 80% of the students.)

If you don't mind, I'll talk to Public Relations about trying to get a
story about you and Zhang Er and your bringing many more poets to the
college into the Arts section of the Olympian, and we'll put the web
address for subscribing to the list into that. If the Oly Poetry
Network has a newsletter for announcements, maybe the web address
and/or something that says "To subscribe send your address to Thad
Curtz at curtzt@evergreen.edu could go into it." (Or if they have an
email list already they might be willing to let us send those people a
one time announcement about this from me saying "Reply to me if you'd
like to be added to the Evergreen Readings list.") If you know the
right person, you might see if he or she would pass around a signup
list at some of the Oly Poetry Network meetings and send those to me
too. You might announce it on your radio show. I'll see if Dick Meyer's
willing to announce it when there are readings at Traditions, and if
the bookstores are willing to put up a poster, but probably not until
after the quarter ends and I go on leave for the spring. In the long
run, maybe we can send a letter to area high school English